Lisa Jane Smith

Motivated by the quirky and hilarious behavior of others, Lisa Jane Smith takes ideas away from amusing situations and lively conversations and creates enjoyable works of art.

As the daughter of a master carpenter and an expert seamstress, Lisa was raised in a creative environment and taught to pay close attention to details.  She spent her younger years doodling hours away, filling up notebooks, eventually moving on to sketchbooks.  The sketching and doodling stage of any art project has always been her favorite part, so Lisa decided to keep many of her initial “idea” drawings and turn them into finished art.

Lisa is constantly inspired by the quirky and hilarious behavior of her family, friends and society in general.  She loves to take ideas away from fun conversations and turn them into drawings.  She is also inspired by all things culinary.  “I love food: growing it, cooking it, drawing it and, of course, eating way too much of it!”  Lisa says with a chuckle. The kitchen has always been her favorite room in the house.